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    Liberty in Every Line of Code

    Software Design

    Hello! We design custom software for our customers. We believe you will enjoy working with us.

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    Liberty in Every Line of Code

    QA & Support

    We provide a support up to 24x7 either for our custom software or open source one.

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    Liberty in Every Line of Code


    Our delivery center is located in Riga, a heart of Baltic Sea region. High quality of our experts is commited.

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    Liberty in Every Line of Code


    We believe that our mission is customer satisfaction. We know this is feasible by means of high quality and low pricing.


About Us

3A alliance, LLC is a software design company. It was founded in early 2015 by a group of geeks. Our team consists of different experts: systems architects, programmers, DevOps’ers, QA and hardware engineers. Initially out company was intended to produce a software for Telco customers.

Nowadays we extended a scope of projects to any kind high loaded and highly redundant systems. Our primary topic is back-end systems with up to billions of transactions per second in six 9s availability.

We will be happy to join your project. Although we have a front-end software experts as well. We strongly believe our mission is a customer satisfaction. Please contact us and you will enjoy a high quality of our work.

Why Choose Us

Our team consists of top level experts only. All of them have at least 10 years experience in huge Datacenter and Telco companies.

All our team members are geeks. They are strongly motivated for success with personal ambitions.

Our delivery center is located in Riga, Latvia. On the one hand we have much lower pricing of labor resources than in Western Europe and USA. On the other hand Latvia is a member of EU and NATO. So doing business with Latvia is absolutely safe.

Design of a high performance back-end software for high load systems from the zero for your requirements.

Software suitable for deployment in Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms.

Forking, reworking and precise tuning of a wide range of open source software to your needs.

Low level coding for many kinds of embedded CPU, NPU, GPU or ASIC for which corresponding SDK is available.

High quality commercial and open source software support. Technical support is available up to 24x7 level.

On long term basis our experts can become a remote members of your IT team either full time or partial time.

Our Skills

High Load

Intent Based Network based on SDN in complex with closed loop of management. The solutions moves focus of Telco provider objectives from device-by-device imperative operations to declarative business intents and E2E services. Fully programmable hardware on the bottom and artificial intelligence engine on the top allow on-demand resource allocation in agile paradigm thus minimizing TTM of new services and optimizing OpEx for Telco.

A set of analytical tools for reporting and deep data analysis. A-Cubes can operate on a input from different data sources: structured data (RDBMS); non-structured data (NoSQL storages – in example Hadoop cluster, non structured online caches, etc.). On output users get highly adjustable multidimensional reporting. This is feasible by means of big data approach in A-Cubes. The best choice for large enterprises for high level ad-hoc reporting.

A complex solution for collection of raw telemetry data from network equipment, calculating of network KPI (including time snapshots and time retrospective) and analytical reporting. It is intended for fully automated KPI compliance analysis. One has to note this is not a substitution of traditional network monitoring systems but it is complimentary to it. While monitoring operates in narrow time slice Hercules operates mostly with historical data.

GFN R2.0 is ready

29-03-2019 • We have released a R2.0 release of GFN SDN Controller. Now it can manage devices via gRPC.

P4 Consortium Membership

18-01-2019 • We are proud to announce that recently 3A alliance has joined P4 Language Consortium.

We're Hiring

04-01-2019 • 3A alliance team is growing. We opened some new positions. If you are talented, well educated, experienced, high energy people who love software design and coding then we are looking forward to get your CV.

Happy New Year!

31-12-2018 • Our team thanks all our customers and partners for very productive 2018 year. Wishing you in 2019 a year of health, happiness and prosperity!

Merry Christmas!

24-12-2018 • Entire 3A alliance team congratulates all our customers and partners and wishes Merry Christmas to all of you!


21-12-2018 • We announce a re-branding of 3A alliance, LLC beginning since 1st Jan 2019. A business profile of our company is hardly changed last year. Some of our internal projects now have to get out of stealth mode to public. So we decided that it has to be reflected in public media correspondingly. Hope it will help our customers to recognize better our objectives and values.

 3A alliance, LLC.   Reg.# 40103868526
 +371 20026370
 10-40 Lielezeres street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1007
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